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A Few Links

I thought it would be a good idea to gather up all the links to the various places around the Internet where I’ve talked about my diabetes in the last six months. So…

Quantified Self

I’m mentioned in the recap of the sixteenth New York Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup.

And the video of my Show&Tell presentation (“Lessons Learned from 100,000+ Blood Glucose Readings”) at that meetup is here.1

The Diabetes Mine Patient Voices Contest

I entered a video in the Diabetes Mine Patient Voices contest [JEB, 2016: This resource behind this link appears to have disappeared… 😞]. After being selected as a winner, I was interviewed at Diabetes Mine.

Finally, after attending the 2012 Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit as a Patient Voices contest winner, my reaction to the Summit is quoted in the Diabetes Mine wrap-up post.

  1. On this blog, I’ve posted a long-form write-up of that presentation