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side projects

(a selection, in various degrees of progress)

☁️ nefelion

💅 styled components D3 Firebase React Next.js Web Workers

My personal cloud, for self-tracking and visualizing myriad data types; includes interfaces for manual logging of some types.

🐍 medusa

State management for nefelion's interactive data visualizations.

🦄 pegasus

Data pre-processing for nefelion in a Web Worker.

👀 escape the diving bell

WebGazer.js React

A conceptual prototype of partnerless partner-assisted scanning via webcam-based eye tracking.

🏔 dead on Everest

D3 React SVG

An experimental mobile-first visualization of Wikipedia’s list of all the people who have died climbing Mount Everest since the beginning of kept records on the subject.

📒 everest-data

JSON representation (+ JSON Schema validation) of the Wikipedia data.

☕️ steel-can coffee


An experimental responsive & interactive data visualization of the data from Thrillist’s cupping of grocery store coffees.