☁️ nefelion (Ancient Greek: νεφέλιον, diminutive of νεφέλη) is my "little cloud" for self-tracking.

Since this is a personal project, the documentation on this website does not serve the same purpose as in a public-facing project, nor does it contain the same things.

Here you can read the following, if you are interested:

  • my runbook gives instructions for developing, building, publishing, deploying, etc.; these are for my personal use since this is a personal project and may/will not work for you since you don't have my 🗝️s...
  • the manifesto explains the motivations behind the project and its objectives
  • the history summarizes the project's history
  • the dev diary is a record of the project's development starting with the rearchitecture using Next.js

And you can also take a look at the component library for this projecta.

a. Built with Storybook.

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